How Writing Changes Us

It is often assumed that people who read a lot are smarter then actually are. Truth is, when you consume a large amount of information, you may know a lot, but this knowledge is not wisdom.

It is my belief that people who write a lot are wise.

People who read a lot get book-smart. People who write a lot get very confident with what they know and being confident with what you know is where wisdom comes from.

Even trauma counselors will often recommend to their clients that they start writing down what has happened to them (anyone ever use a diary?). Doing so helps their brain sort through the information (trauma, experiences, etc) they have and potentially see it from a different perspective.

So essentially what happens - if we write a lot - is, we change are personality, our perspective of what happened to us in the past changes, and our attitude towards people around us changes.

Wanna change your life? Write more!